Web development

We provide cutting edge and dynamic web development for businesses. We develop, maintain and support resilient web-based applications and robust, flexible database-driven websites. Working with you as a team, strong focus is placed on planning. We make use of proven development and project management methodologies to deliver on time.
Our development process flow is:
  • Specification requirement gathering, client briefing;
  • Research and prototyping;
  • Information architecture, usability / template design;
  • Functional specification, database design;
  • Website build, implementation, development and testing;
  • Content input and online deployment / launch.
The basic requirements of a web development solution are compliance with latest web standards, responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, ready optimisation for search engines with optimal loading time, integration of Google analytics statistics tool, completed with rigorous testing and debugging.

Custom web applications

Custom or integrated web applications automate your business processes and maximise your business potential. Intuitive, smart user interface and architecture enhance efficiency and streamline your business.
You want to create innovative business web applications with exciting features for your customers or employees? ProximaWeb converts your ideas into an online web solution. Most web-based applications designed and built started from an exclusive idea.
Our team possesses a level of motivation and responsibility that ensures a transparent process, straightforward communication, short feedback response and fast issue resolution.

Responsive as a standard

A high-quality responsive website is no longer optional. With mobile Internet usage having overtaken desktop use, a responsive or mobile friendly website is essential, if not critical, to your business. Responsive websites adapt to all devices to provide a consistent user experience.
Our website is designed and developed to engage your customers across all browsers and devices anywhere anytime. It adapts to all screen sizes for a richer user experience but, most importantly, it provides meaningful information or calls to action.

Content management systems (CMS)

Providing instant information being a necessity for your business, a website with a content management system enables you to manage your online content in real time. A regularly maintained website keeps your customers and Internet users abreast with accurate and up-to-date information.
ProximaWeb empowers you with tools by integrating your website in a content management system that is easy to use, secure and search engine friendly. You have full control on the navigation structure, website images, videos, news and contents.
We have the technical skills to customise the content management system with improved functionalities, plug-ins and extensions that match your needs and speed up user experience. Your website is built on a powerful management system that assists in regular update and maintenance of your content.
We ensure through a solid database structure that the flexibility of the content management system does not compromise the website design and usability. No technical expertise is required to use a content management system; it is accessible with an Internet access and we provide free basic training on how to process your website.


An ecommerce website is about online sales; it turns your website into customers.
With more customers browsing the Internet for online products and services with the intent to purchase, an appealing ecommerce website is mandatory for a business to increase its sales.
We design and develop mobile responsive ecommerce websites depending on your requirements, products, services and your target audience. Ecommerce development is an intricate process with various payment methods, discounts, shopping carts, delivery method and other functionalities.
Our applications are designed in-house to fit your exclusive and specific needs. We provide various tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of your operations.
ProximaWeb seamlessly integrates your website with your payment gateway ensuring minimal effort for your customers and secure online transactions to run your online business safely.