About Us

ProximaWeb creates, designs and maintains professional websites for all business sectors, from small custom-designed websites to highly advanced online stores. Our process is highly collaborative, with you as a partner. We aim at defining and setting up strategies to tackle your specific project customised for your unique goals.
Our team is made of passionate and creative people, who meet the highest standards within deadline.

Exclusive ideas born from experience

We create fresh ideas and build practical websites. ProximaWeb has the skills and qualities to deliver a web solution tailored to your needs. With our years of experience and knowledge, we bring you more business, better leads & increased profitability.
ProximaWeb Ltd is a company member of BBI Group and a sister company of ProximaSoft.



We plan

Analysis & digital consultation, user experience, information architecture, ideas development, creative concept

We design

Corporate & mobile websites, application interfaces, web communication, e-brochure, web ads &media

We build

Responsive websites, ecommerce solutions, front-end development, back-end development, CMS integration, custom applications

The Cubicle, 2nd Floor,
35-37 Royal Road,
Phoenix 73652, Mauritius
F: +230 698 6822